The book that will tell us everything about aggressive dogs or bites in order to avoid euthanasia for the animal cause! and educating your puppy

My new method of revolutionary canine education through salivary communication unique in the world that goes beyond our borders …

This book will aim to avoid accidents whose consequences are sometimes irreversible following the many facts about dog bites, avoid dog breeds that are stigmatized because most of the time it is the lack of educational information or the negligence of human beings that provokes these accidents to happen.

With more than 10 million views on the Web and TV channels.

My dog training technique that uses salivary communication, completely new and original, won, indeed, large suffrage for both individuals and professionals. It is unique in the world and without any violence towards the dog.

It does not use any of the means usually advocated until now such as prong collars, choke collars, electrical shock collars or any other form of strong training items.

I developed this type of evaluation test to avoid euthanasia ordered too often for dogs called biting or aggressive hen the owners or professionals believe that there is no solution to avoid this fatal outcome.

If you would like to meet me and book a training session with your dog you can book through this site

The last rescue I made dated 25/03/2018 was with an aggressive Cane Corso dog in which he was saved by this unique technique.

With all of the interest generated by my method in France and in many countries, I wrote a unique book for all interested in canine education, individuals, veterinarians, breeders, and other canine professionals.

The reader will find all the explanations on this innovative method and all the answers to the questions that he could ask for training your dog. It is enriched with advice to raise your animal and all the legislation in force in France on the categories of dogs concerned, as well as testimonials proving the effectiveness of the New Technique of canine education through salivary communication ©.

Already put in pages and illustrated (drawings and photos), in A4 format, it is ready for publication by the publisher, do not waste time and come to book already more than 400 orders.

In order to further expand its knowledge in English-speaking countries (Great Britain, the United States, and Australia, in particular), this book will be translated into the English language.

If you are interested in this unique book, please do not hesitate to reserve it on

Educator and graduated canine trainer with over 20 years of experience, I became in France and for some foreign countries the specialist in the fight against euthanasia of biting or aggressive dogs or castration « abusive » but especially I give hope to dog owners, some compare me to the famous Mr. Cesar Millan this dog educator who is from the USA. (see videos below impressive backups)

The French TV TF1 seven to eight, France 2, M6 and various media which I thank warmly have already begun to talk about this method, reports in view of the spectacular results without violence or abuse for the animal, it is a new method of revolutionary canine education in the canine world.

This proven method has saved more than 150 dogs from euthanasia with this new technique of canine education by salivary communication (evidence available on video PLwz4D3kVAKlvrzy2GGFeZb0Wg5ktSslh3 (on my support by the 400 dog owners from France as a whole but I have also helped dogs and there owners from foreign countries).

Technique: All aggressive or biting dogs can now be educated without using prong collars, choke collars, electric collars for dog training but the advantage is that it also works for biting or so-called aggressive dogs.

I have just finished writing this unique book in collaboration with veterinarians from France and Quebec who come to explain in detail this unique new technique to the world and all the dogs saved and why it works pending editing. I said that I will soon enter a clinical trial with veterinarians to establish cardiac coherence with dogs with pathologies and various behavioral disorders.

You will see that this technique is unique in the world and works.

Here are some examples that I invite you to read: (impressive image but without violence)

German dog:

Cane Corso:

A dog from the Carribean:

Springer Spaniel:

Border collie

I also train the police forces: eric tramson

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